Geotagging and uploading several photos all at once - another solution.
You have lots of photos, all - more or less - shot at the same place? And it would ease your life if you could geotag as many photos as possible at a single blow, and then could upload them together?

OK, it is always the same: all roads lead to Rome, but this one is also fast and easy. Just try it , even if it looks a bit complicated at first glance.

Download and install Google Picasa
Step one: If you haven´t installed the application yet, you have to download and install Google Picasa. Google Picasa is a free software that allows you to organize and edit your photos.

Download and install Google Earth
Step two: You only have to run the installation, if you haven´t installed Google Earth yet. Download and install Google Earth. Google Earth is free, too.

Download and install locr GPS Photo
Step three: In order to download and use the free locr GPS Photo software, you must have signed up at locr. So download and install locr GPS Photo.

Finally, you can now start geotagging and uploading! Finished!!!