What does "Geotagging" actually mean?
The term "geotagging" is sometimes also referred to as "geocoding".

Using "geotagging" e.g. photos, or videos, can be complemented with geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude, or physical address). This geographical identification data is saved together with the photos. Thereby photos can be assigned easily and explicitly to maps like GoogleMaps.

Via the locr web site the coordinates are determined by manual geotagging. Together with the respective photo they are stored in the locr data base.

The locr GPS Photo software works differently. No matter whether the coordinates have been associated using manual or automatic geotagging, the information is written into the EXIF header of the photo. Suitable software can read and use this information.

More information on the locr website and the locr GPS Photo software?
"What´s the difference between geotagging on the locr website and with the locr GPS Photo software?"