What sorts of user accounts are available?


Free Account
You want to get started using locr?
Then register for free at https://www.locr.com/signup and become a locr member. With a FREE account you can upload 100 MB of photos and create up to 5 photo albums every month.
You communicate with friends, acquaintances and family and connect to people all over the world. And you can invite anyone you think of to visit locr and share your experiences in the locr community.

Pro Account
Not enough upload space for your photos?
Then get a PRO account for less than 2 € a month! You upload limit is increased to 2GB a month and you can create as many albums as you like. An added extra for you is that the online status of all locr users is displayed. These are just a few of the possibilities awaiting you with a PRO account. The development of locr is ongoing and we are working steadfast on new features, functions and services.
You have a voucher? Then click here: www.locr.com/voucher